. . . to the new web home of  Aquarian Heart Space, a community center offering classes and workshops to help us all embrace the strength of body, mind and spirit we need to navigate and flourish in the ever challenging world of today - the Aquarian Age.


Located in the heart of Oakland's Temescal district in the East Bay,  Aquarian Heart Space has served as a sanctuary for healing, growth and integration for over two decades.   We welcome all paths, all genders and orientations, all who seek to live every moment to the fullest, in balance and joy. 


Here you will find weekly classes in diverse disciplines -  Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Mantra, Tantra and Conscious Touch, to name a few.   And on many weekends we offer full-immersion workshops with teachers from around the globe that allow you to go even deeper into your own path of healing and integration.


Welcome and enjoy !






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